Chondrodysplasia (Ch'd)

Chondrodysplasia is a genetic disorder in which puppies are born with bone deformities, which may become evident in abnormal shape and length of limbs as they grow.  Also known as "dwarfism", chondrodysplasia is caused by a simple recessive gene, which means that both parents must carry this gene to produce an affected (chondrodysplastic) puppy.

In very young puppies (under six weeks of age), the deformity is usually impossible to detect without x-rays, even to the practiced eye. Chondrodysplastic dogs (dwarfs) can be affected in varying degrees.  Some adults may appear almost normal, perhaps just unusually small, while others may have a disturbing resemblance to a Bassett hound. Chondrodysplastic Malamutes can vary in size, just as normal Malamutes do. 


Following on from the announcement that a Ch'd affected pup was whelped in Canada from AMCA certified parents, the AMCV has placed a 3 month moratorium on the issuing of certificates from the AMCV Chondrodysplasia Certification Scheme, effective immediately.

All Certificates previously issued will be reviewed and those adversely effected will be revoked. Those owners of affected dogs will be informed of revocations as quickly as possible, and once all have been informed a list of revocations will be made public.
Anyone with questions should direct them to the AMCV's Health Officer

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